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At Strive, we understand that we live in a very technological world and that clients want to take advantage of that. That’s why we utilize technology in various ways to create a client experience that is like no other. Below are just a few of the tools we use in order to help our clients efficiently organize their financial life, implement and monitor their financial plan, and have an understanding of how their portfolios are created with their risk, objectives, and expectations in mind.

MyStrive Personal Financial Website

MyStrive Personal Financial Website

This is our interactive, client planning portal. Each client is given access to their personal financial website, MyStrive. This interactive, client friendly experience allows clients to have their full financial plan at their fingertips. Click below to learn more.

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Risk vs. Reward. We have all heard of it but how many people truly understand the impact on their individual portfolio? Why is the market beating my portfolio? At Strive, we use advanced technology in order to determine each client’s risk tolerance. From there, we can create and monitor his or her portfolio to meet that risk tolerance and set expectations. Click below to learn how this all starts with your individual risk number.

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